Attraction need

In addition to the need for recruitment of qualified human resource, VNU wants to become a destination for capable and qualified scientists and managers in order to meet the need for development of strong research groups, and to supplement human resource for management in units and VNU.

Subjects to be attracted

- Leading scientists who are capable of developing resources, attracting and developing associate staff to establish strong research groups, major research programs/projects/schemes, and to develop training programs and organization;

- Scientists who satisfy international and regional standards, with a doctorate degree or equivalent or higher, teach and do scientific research in a foreign language (English is preferred), with an international announcement, in charge of schemes at ministerial level or equivalent or higher, or research team leader with transferred science and technology products/achievements, with capacity of promoting international cooperation;

- Managers with achievements and experience in foreign and domestic units who wish to work at VNU.

All scientists and managers with experience, achievements and wish of working at VNU are all welcomed.


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