VNU is operating under Decree No. 186/2013/ND-CP dated 17 November 2013 by the Government and the Regulations on Organization and operation issued by the Prime Minister together with Decision No. 26/2014/QD-TTg dated 26 March 2014. VNU’ s university education facility consists of a combination of 31 members and primary subordinate units, including: 7 member universities (i.e. University of Science, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Languages and International Studies, University of Engineering and Technology, University of Economics and Business, University of Education, and Vietnam – Japan University), 5 research institutes (i.e. Information Technology Institute, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Institute of Vietnamese Studies & Development Sciences, International Francophone Institute, and Institute for Education Quality Assurance), 5 affiliated schools (i.e. School of Law, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, International School, School of Business, and School of Graduate Studies), and service units.

     With an orientation toward becoming a multi-industry and multi-sector research university, in the period of 2015-2020, VNU needs to attract and employ a supplement of more than 500 capable, qualified and dedicated scientists (i.e. lecturers and researchers), and managers and specialists. Sectors subject to priority in recruitment are natural sciences, medicine and pharmacy, interdisciplinary sciences, technologies and techniques, social sciences and humanities, economics, education, law, and foreign languages.

     In order to satisfy development needs, with an objective of procedure streamline and best support to scientists and managers with needs for business and cooperation, VNU has developed a website of information on attraction and recruitment of cadres. This website is developed consisting of three main components: 

    1. A page attracting highly qualified scientists and managers to VNU under businesslike procedures, associated with support from units and VNU; accordingly proposals are processed directly by heads of VNU and its units, (to ensure information privacy principles).

    2. A page of recruitment information in order make announcements and receive applications from candidates who meet VNU’s basic recruitment standards and wish to work at VNU. Candidates shall be introduced to units for qualification or exam as stipulated by VNU;

    3. A page attracting cooperation ideas from scientists without desire of working at VNU but with a proposal on cooperation in education, technology and science, etc, with VNU. Cooperation proposals are processed directly by cadres in charge and proposed information is kept confidential to guarantee benefits of parties.

We hope domestic and foreign scientists and managers shall have interest in VNU’s website of information on attraction and recruitment of cadres.

     Best regards,

Le Quan, Vice President of VNU